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Review of Ethic by Ashley Antoinette

Book: Ethic 1

Author: Ashley Antoinette

Rating: 5

Theme Chosen: Loving the enemy


Review and Real Life Application: I read this book for a second time. I loved it just as much the first time. The theme that I have chosen to highlight is loving the enemy. Like Alani, sometimes it’s unknown, as with Ethic. But, is it fair to say, that Cream was an enemy, too? One that she loved and ultimately had a child with. How many of us have loved someone that turned out to be less than? I know I have. 


Ezra Okafur, AKA Ethic: Was he right in sleeping with the enemy, too? Lucas infiltrated in Ethic’s family in ways that no one would understand. Ethic trying to be a good man and right his wrongs paid for the funerals. Granted, he did try to tell Alani before they fell in love, but she was too distraught to hear anymore bad news. Is the emotion of LOVE that strong that it overshadows everything you believe in?


Both characters were loving enemies, so what does that make them as a whole?


Could you love the enemy? Let’s talk.

Shatika TurnerComment